Top 5 Campsites in the Westfjords

The first thing to do before going on a camping trip around Iceland is to familiarize yourself with campsites you would like to sleep at, look at reviews, see what they offer and if they are generally nice to stay at.

Well look no further! I have compiled a list of my 5 favorite campsites around the Westfjords.

The Westfjords are the oldest part of Iceland, and part of only 10% of the island that is not heated by geothermal energy.


Breiðavík campsite is a nice campsite located in the Westfjords that offers electricity, running water and a cooking facility. But the best part about Breiðavík campsite is how close it is to Látrabjarg and Rauðisandur.

Látrabjarg is the largest sea-bird cliff in Europe and a must-see when visiting the Westfjords. Be sure to watch your step, however. The puffins burrow into the cliffs to make their nests, making the cliff edges prone to collapsing, so stay at least 1 meter away.

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Rauðisandur is one of the few beaches in iceland that is yellow or gold instead of the classic black/gray. It stretches on for about 10 km and is great for romantic walks or even sunbathing (if you‘re brave enough).

Now you might be wondering, alright what campsite should i go to next? Well, Tálknafjörður campsite is a 90-minute drive away and is a great pit stop on your way around the Westfjords. It is located between Patreksfjörður and Bíldudalur and is by far the most beautiful town in Iceland (yes, I’m from Tálknafjörður!)


Tálknafjörður Campsite is conveniently located about a 90-minute drive from Látrabjarg. It is next to the local swimming pool, so you’re all set in terms of bathing. If you‘re not a swimmer, you can take a walk in the small forest behind the campsite. There are plenty of fun activities for the kids such as jumping around on the “jumping mattress” there at the playground. Tálknafjörður campsite has electricity, running water and pretty much everything you’ll need while camping.

You might also want to check out a local hot spring called „Pollurinn“, located in the fjord, This is where the locals go to chat about politics and the weather and it is a great place to watch the sky for northern lights and stars at night.


Þingeyraroddi is a newly opened campsite located in Þingeyri, one of the oldest towns in the Westfjords founded in 1787.

The campsite is open all year round and has great facilities. There is a hot tub there, a playground for the kids, and even a volleyball court.

Þingeyri is one of the closest campsites to Dynjandi waterfall. You absolutely don’t want to miss this amazing waterfall. It is 100 meters tall and looks like a bridal veil on its way down the mountain side.


Heydalur Campsite is located at the head of Mjóifjörður. You will have to take a detour off route 61 to get there but it is worth it. It is right next to a river and has indoor and outdoor hot pots. It is not equipped with a cooking facility but there is a restaurant close by. Their showering facility is free and it has a good playground for the kids.


Drangsnes campsite is a great campsite located above the village in the northern part of Steingrímsfjörður. It has electricity, showering facilities and a playground for children.

The most notable part about this location is the hot tubs that were put on the beach near the local swimming pool so that everyone can enjoy the view of the ocean from the comfort of the hot tub. This is a family campsite, so visitors are asked to limit their driving around. There are some great hiking paths around the area and plenty to do for the active person.