Happy Family


"The Happy Golfer"

Herdis founded Happy Campers in Iceland in 2009 and is the head of Travel Agency relations globally. She has a serious case of the golf bug and can't think of better ways to spend her time than playing golf in Iceland, South Africa, and other beautiful countries.

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"The Happy Boss"

Sverrir was the first Icelander to ride his motorcycle around the world. That should sum up his passion for travel and adventure perfectly. He founded Happy Campers with his wife Herdís and is our CEO, but we prefer to call him “the Happy boss.”

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"The Happy athlete"

Jón literally runs the place, taking care of daily operations at the office. In other words, he's our Operations Manager and makes sure everything runs smoothly. His 197 cm have been put to good use on the basketball court but more recently he has been into all sorts of sports, including triathlons and strength training. Jón has a Bachelor's in Sports Science.

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"The Happy guitarist"

Haukur is our CFO and financial guru. He will happily jump from financial analysis to picking up travelers from the airport. He’s a talented guitar player and is not afraid of busting out guitar solos randomly. That automatically makes him cool as a cucumber. Haukur is currently working on his Master's of Corporate Finance.

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Thorsteinn (Thor)

"The Happy Geek"

Torsteinn (Thor) takes great pride in being a total computer, photography, and marketing geek. When he's not geeking out, he's driving around Iceland in a Happy Camper taking photographs. Coffee and Photoshop make him a happy camper.

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"The Happy rookie"

Fanndis is quickly turning from a rookie to a pro, both at the office and on the basketball court. She is Sverrir and Herdis' only daughter and the youngest of the bunch. At the office, she's nice and friendly but it's a different story if you see her playing basketball.


"The Happy Giant"

Bart is our fleet manager. His job is to supervise that all happy campers are ready for another adventure around Iceland. And if you ever find yourself in trouble out on the road, he's likely to be the first one there to help you out.

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"The Happy Reader"

Greta is our marketing manager. She came to Iceland to visit a friend, fell in love with the country and never left. Now she's on a mission to help everybody to visit Iceland. She is an avid reader and is currently working on her M.A. in literature, culture and media.

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"The Happy Rockstar"

Benjamin is a natural when it comes to being nice and helpful. He's on a mission to make sure everybody that comes through our doors has a great experience. Although his favorite part of the job might be selecting music to play in the office each morning.


"The Happy Fisherman"

Kamil is our head mechanic and there is nothing he can't fix. He is from Poland and has now convinced us that it's the second most beautiful country in the world, after Iceland of course. When he's not fixing cars, you'll find him at the nearest trout lake doing his thing and catching lots of fish.


"Happy Jack-of-all-trades"

Originally from Denmark, Munch is our Jack-of all-trades. He is always ready to help with anything - from driving the shuttle to assisting customers to cleaning and building the vans. If you need help - he is here for you.


"The Happy Cupcake"

Ingibjörg is always pleasant, helpful and courteous. She's the local expert, born and raised here in Iceland. She goes out of her way to ensure everybody's trip is simple, easy and fun.

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