Eco-friendly Office

Minimizing our carbon footprint starts in the small things at the office. This includes eco-friendly car and laundry soap, recycling station, paperless invoicing options, LED lights, power-saving PCs, and more.

Happy Forest

We plant at least 1 tree for every rental right here in Keflavik, Iceland. We don’t just donate money to a reforestation project – we literally created our own and plant each tree by hand. By planting tens of thousands of trees in our Happy Forest, we minimize our carbon footprint and you leave Iceland a Happier place.


Free Zone

One of the best ways to reduce waste is letting departing travelers use whatever returning customers don’t use on their trip. That’s what we call our Free Zone. Help us reduce waste and stock up on some camping essentials for free.


Green Batteries

Did you know that regular lead acid car batteries are very environmentally dangerous? That’s why we replace our extra batteries with more environmentally friendly gel mat batteries.


Solar Panels

Our vans are equipped with solar panels to charge the extra batteries in your van. The sun gives us the ultimate Happy energy. Notice anything missing from other rentals? Other companies will cut costs by relying solely on the fuel in your van’s tank.


Office Recycling

Recycle your campervan waste at the office at our recycling center. We make sure that both our staff and customer waste is reduced, reused, and recycled.

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Overview 29.03.2021

Introducing the Happy Forest

We at Happy Campers often introduce new features and initiatives but we have never been more excited to share this latest project with the world: The Happy Forest. We have now officially committed to planting at least 1 tree for every booking we receive. But we also take it a step further and commit to […]

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