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These 9 comprehensive guides are designed to cover all relevant topics in order to give you the best preparation for your trip. Dive into the topics of campsites, itineraries, attractions, and many more. Together with our blog, it’s everything you’ll need to get ready for your Iceland trip.

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Happy Challenge

Have you heard of the Happy Challenge? This is where you can visit some or all of our favorite attractions and win up to 50% off your rental price, not to mention a permanent place on our Happy Wall of Fame.

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As a Happy Campers customer, you’ll get access to exclusive coupons and deals from over 20 trusted partners. We only work with companies we have tried ourselves and would genuinely recommend to our travelers. Take us up on our recommendations and get up to a 20% discount.

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Happy Campers hosts the Iceland Camping Community on Facebook, where over 3,000 Happy Campers share their best tips, experience, and questions. A customer or not, we would love for you to join the community.

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Custom Itineraries

Are you looking for professional itinerary services? You’re in luck. Not only do we have a professional tour guide within our ranks but we also have developed a neat app that will allow you to interact with the itinerary online but also follow it on a tablet in your van.

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Are you a professional blogger, photographer, filmmaker, influencer, or other content creator? We have a long history of successful collaborations with content creators traveling to Iceland so why not send us a line and see if we can work together?

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