The Secret Lagoon

Planning a trip to Iceland? Have you checked those insane prices for the Blue Lagoon? Going for a soak or swim should cost a bit less, eh? With all of Iceland’s abundant geothermal power, you’re correct to think that.

Well, there’s good news! I’ve got a Happy Campers exclusive deal for you. When camping around Iceland with one of our vans, you can stop by the Secret Lagoon in Fluðir for a discounted swim. It’s a pretty sweet setup. The wonderful team there is offering 20% off bookings for Happy Campers.

The Secret Lagoon is easily one of the best stops along the Golden Circle route route. And it’s an amazing stop to take a shower, freshen up, relax, and soak for a little while. A clean camper is a happy camper, right?

The pool was built in 1891, making it the oldest pool in Iceland. It was used for swimming lessons in the early 1900’s and then later surpassed by the instillation of a new pool in town. More recently, the Secret Lagoon was brought back to it’s former glory.

So, let me walk you through the experience:

How to Get There:

Heading south from Geysir or Gullfoss on the Golden Circle, head toward Fluðir using roads 358, 359 or 30. You’ll know your in the right place when you see an abundance of beautiful greenhouses.

Driving into the centre of town near the N1, you’ll notice a large sign for the Secret Lagoon (Gamla Laugin in Icelandic). At the bottom of the small hill, turn left. This short road, Hvammsvegur, will take you past a river and toward the larger geothermal area where the Secret Lagoon is situated.

Checking In:

Once inside, you can check in at the front desk with your reservation. You’ll need to bring in your Happy Campers van receipt with you for verification. Towels and swimsuits are also available for rent if you need them.

After checking in, you can head into the locker room area. Both the women’s and men’s lockers are just past this shoe rack area. As with all pools in Iceland, it’s considerate to remove your shoes before entering the locker room area.

There are keys in each open locker for your belongings.


Then, get showered up! All pools in Iceland follow the same etiquette. If you need some further explanations, check out Lea’s very useful guide. In the showers at the Secret Lagoon, there is free shower soap available if you need it.

After the shower, you’ll notice small cubbies where you can leave your towel. You can bring it outside with you, but part of the excitement is walking out wet into the freezing cold air before you jump into the warm water. It’s Iceland!


The Secret Lagoon also has arm floaties for small kids and larger tube floats. Back inside the main building there’s drinks you can take with you outside.

There’s nothing like sitting in a warm pool with a cold beer in the middle of winter watching everyone in jackets and scarves outside.

Be mindful, the stairs, pool-side seats and rocks can all be slippery from natural algae that forms on the rocks. In between swimming or after you’ve dried off, take a stroll around Hverahólmi, the geothermal fields.

And that’s it! Sit and soak. Simmer like a baby carrot for a little while. Enjoy it.

If you have any further questions about the Secret Lagoon, check their FAQ page or post a comment below.


Ready to camp happy?

A huge thank you to Agnes and the Secret Lagoon team for their help.

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