Studlagil is a gorgeous canyon with basalt columns and blue-green water. For many years, the beauty of this canyon was hidden underwater. The columns revealed themselves when the water level decreased after Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant was opened in 2009.

Once a hard-to-access hidden gem, today Studlagil is a popular destination. 

The Location:

How to get there:

Turn onto road 923 and follow it up the river. You can visit the canyon on both sides. On the west side, there is a campsite, but you can only see the canyon from the viewing platform above. If you want to get closer to the river we recommend visiting from the east side – turn left next to Klaustursel farm (±14 km from road 1). There is one parking lot before the bridge, and another one a bit further after you cross the bridge (although the road gets a lot more difficult if you choose to cross the bridge).

Things to do:

Walk along the canyon, take plenty of gorgeous pictures, or on a sunny day have a picnic.

Best place for you Photo:

The East side of the canyon offers a number of great photo opportunities on rock formations. Just be careful – rocks can be very dangerous when wet and slippery.