Seydisfjardarkirkja Church

Seyðisfjarðarkirkja became famous on Instagram mostly due to the rainbow road leading up to the church. But the church itself is not the traditional black color as most churches in Iceland as Seyðisfjarðarkirkja is completely blue. That combination of the blue church and rainbow road makes this one of the most picturesque churches to visit in Iceland.

This church is not just on our Happy Challenge list because it’s beautiful, although that is certainly a bit part of it. The town of Seyðisfjörður is itself worth your time. This town of 700 people will give you a glimpse into Iceland’s rural lifestyle. There are some great hiking trails in the area, boat tours, sightseeing tours, golf courses, and more. Finally, it’s the home of Tvisongur, a unique sculpture German artist Lukas Kuhne that works as a natural sound amplifier.

The church is open to visitors in the summer from 10-17, but if you’re there during winter, admiring it from the outside will have to do.

The Location:

How to get there:

When you get into Egilsstaðir turn onto road 93 which later turns into road 94, do not take the right hand turn with road 93 and soon you will arrive in the town of Seyðisfjörður.

Things to do:

Take a stroll down one of the most colorful roads of Iceland. As mentioned above, check out some of the other exciting activities that Seyðisfjörður has to offer.

Best place for your Photo:

At the start of the rainbow road facing the beautiful blue church.