Reykjadalur Hot River

Reykjadalur, or “Steam Valley” is a valley filled with hot springs and mud pools. In the valley is a river which is warm and you can even bathe in it. Never bathed in a hot river before? Now is your chance. The hike up to the hot river is about 3 km and takes about 45 minutes of hiking. The hike itself is well worth your while as it offers some beautiful scenery.

Even though Reykjadalur has become more popular over the past few years, it earns its place on our Happy Challenge list because of its unique landscape and experience. The last time I was there, there were some very minimal changing areas (see photo) but don’t expect any facilities. Just wear your swimsuit underneath or have a friend/partner cover you with a towel while you change. You can also choose your temperature quite easily by going up or down the river, as the river gets hotter the higher you go.

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The Location:

How to get there:

Reykjadalur is only 45 km away from Reykjavík. It is located in the area of a town called Hveragerði. Once you reach Hveragerdi, at the first roundabout, take the 3rd exit (left) and follow that main street (Breiðamörk) north, towards the Reykjadalur valley, north of Hveragerði. Keep driving on that road until you reach the parking lot at the foot of the valley.

Things to do:

Enjoy a beautiful hike, bathe in a geothermal river, take photos, and end the adventure by having some Iceland cream in Hveragerdi.

Best place for your photo:

It would be difficult to get your van in this shot. So a cool selfie while bathing in the river would be your best bet.