With Happy App, you can:

Stay connected with WiFi hotspot

Happy App comes with unlimited data so you can activate the Wi-Fi hotspot to connect your own devices and avoid expensive roaming charges when traveling abroad.

Plan your itinerary

Choose from one of the pre-made travel itineraries created by our team, or make a custom one from scratch on the go or prior to your trip.

Discover interesting places along the way

With Happy App you can easily look up nearby places along the way and discover unexpected hidden gems as you travel.

Contact customer service

Built-in chat feature allows you to contact our team during office hours in an easy, hassle-free way if you need assistance.

Receive weather and safety updates

The weather in Iceland can be brutal. With Happy App you can stay up-to-date with weather alerts and road conditions to ensure a happy and safe trip.

Use GPS Navigation

Think of Happy App as a trusted travel partner that will guide through Iceland and help you reach all planned destinations.

How it Works

1. Log in

After booking your van, you’ll get access to a library of itineraries that you can choose to follow on your trip. Simply log into your Happy Campers account and start browsing itineraries.

2. Customize

If you prefer, you can customize the itinerary or create one from scratch. Find attractions, find and book activities, and add them to the itinerary. This way, you can create the perfect itinerary for your trip.

3. Hit the road

Once you get to Iceland, the Happy App, including your itinerary, will be installed on a tablet in your van. Use the app to navigate according to your itinerary and use its other features, such as WiFi, assistance, and more.


Create your trip

Happy Trip

7 days

This itinerary will take you to many of the most beautiful places over 7 days in total. Notice that all places are optional to visit. These are only suggestion from Happy Campers staff.
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10 days

A 10 day itinerary that will take you to the most spectacular places in Iceland.
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21 days

A FULL CIRCLE road trip that includes entering the highland (F-roads) + Westfjords of Iceland. More than 100 stops along the way to breath in all that Iceland has the offer. The ultimate itinerary that are here to experience as much as possible!
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