Lindarbakki is a colorful turf house in the village of Bakkagerði. A long time ago the whole village was made up of similar houses, but as times changed – new and modern houses appeared. Today, only Lindarbakki remains, an invaluable memorial of old times and habits. Lindarbakki was renovated and used as a summer residence until recently when the owner gave the building to the municipality. It is a popular spot if you want to see how Icelanders used to live in the olden days.

How to get there:

Take road 94 from Egilsstadir until you get there!

Things to do:

Don´t be fooled by the size of the village, there are some great hiking paths and one of the best places to watch puffins. There is great natural beauty in the area, as it is still untouched by mass tourism.

Best place for your photo:

In front of the house.