Krossneslaug Pool

Krossneslaug is a pool located in the eastern Westfjords. The pool is one of Iceland’s most interesting and unique destinations. It is a very peaceful and relaxing area with a beautiful landscape. The pool is located over the sea so the amazing views should make the experience unforgettable. The remoteness and serenity of this place are truly what made us put it on our Happy Challenge list. Considering how small the place is, the facilities are really good.

Getting to Krossneslaug can be a challenge but once you get there, you will definitely find it worth the effort. Enjoy the views of the ocean and cross your fingers that you’ll see some whales while soaking in the pool.

The Location:

How to get there:

Krossneslaug is up in the Westfjords. It is on the eastern part of the Westfjords at Krossnes on Strandir. Drive on road 643 along the east side of the Westfjords until you reach Krossneslaug, approx. 90 km drive from Holmavik. This is a gravel road so please drive carefully.

Things to do:

Don’t think that Krossneslaug is the only reason to visit the area. After you soak in the pool, take some time to explore the area and enjoy the desolate and vast landscapes. There are plenty of hiking trails around and it’s a true paradise for photographers and bird watchers.

Best place for your photo:

Either in the pool or with your van on the road overlooking the pool and the ocean.