Kolugljufur Canyon

Klougljúfur canyon is located in Víðidalur in Vestur-Húnavantssýsla. The canyon is said to be named after the female troll Kola, which is said to have dug the canyon to live there. The canyons run about 1-2 Km and are a couple of tens of meters deep. The canyon is, for the most part, unexplored and is exceptionally beautiful.

The Location:

How to get there:

Turn off the Ring road (road Nr. 1) onto road 715 and when you get to the U turn on road 715 turn off that road onto Hrappstaðarvegur (not numbered on google maps) and continue until you get to the parking lot.

Things to do:

Explore the canyons but be safe out there, as there are no man-made barriers to protect you. Check out Kolufossar waterfall.

Best place for your photo:

Walk over the bridge that goes over the canyon and look down the stream going down the canyon.