Kaffi Ku Cafe

Kaffi Kú, or Cafe Cow, is one of the most unique cafe’s in Iceland. The cafe itself is located in the loft are above the cow barn at a local farm. Enjoy a Latte and get to know the cow that made the milk. You can watch the cows through a glass viewing point from the restaurant. Guests are allowed to go into the barn, pet the calves and breath in the aroma of the countryside. What is better than enjoying waffles, drink hot coffee and being in the countryside? Book a tour around the barn and get the chance to milk the cows as they lounge on mattresses and get a massage. It’s not your typical café, but that’s why we like this place.

If you tell them that you’re a Happy Campers customer, you’ll also get 10% off their menu and 20% off their tour. See what’s going on right now via their 24/7 live feed.

The Location:

How to get there:

Kaffi Kú is only 10 minutes south of Akureyri, the capital of the north. As you drive through/towards Akureyri on Route 1, turn onto road 829 and head south. You will see the cafe on your left after about 8 minutes.

Things to do:

Fill your belly, tour the barn, milk the cows, or pet the calves.

Best place for your photo:

Take a selfie with the cows or with your van outside the café.