Hvítserkur is a 15 meter high majestic basalt stack on the eastern side of the Vatnsnes peninsula in the north of Iceland. The base of the rock has two holes in it and it has been likened to a dragon who is drinking because of it. The name of the basalt stack (“White Shirt” in Icelandic) was given to it due to the guano deposited on it. The foundation of Hvítserkur has been reinforced with concrete to protect it from the ocean.

The cliff is usually the home of hundreds of northern fulmar birds and you can sometimes spot a seal or two in the water surrounding it. According to legend, Hvitserkur is a troll who got petrified by the sun. More realistically, it is a volcanic dyke that has been steadily eroded by the ocean. Hvitaserkur has become more unstable in recent years and in 1955 the locals decided to save this landmark by reinforcing its “legs” with concrete.

The Location:

How to get there:

Follow Route 1 until you reach road 711. Turn onto that road and follow it all the way to the parking lot by Hvítserkur.

Things to do:

Take a nice walk on the beach with some of the nicest views in Iceland (if the current of the ocean permits). Explore the peninsula by continuing driving on road 711, ending in the town Hvammstangi.

Best place for your Photo:

Stand on the view platform with an amazing view over the entire beach.