How to Make the Best of a Snow Day in Reykjavík

Mother Nature gave the locals- and travelers alike- the gift of a spectacular Winter Wonderland on Sunday morning in Iceland. A total of 51 centimeters of snow was recorded as the largest snowfall in decades! Reykjavík unofficially shut down for a snow day since most residential streets weren’t plowed and cars were literally buried under a thick blanket of snow.

Even the cats of Reykjavík chose to bask in the sun all day long and I don’t blame them!

The forecast for the day was clear, blue skies and crisp air accompanied by the sun’s reflection off the snow-covered city.There was no way I was going to waste such a lovely day inside. Would you? So here’s what I did and what you can do to make the most of a snow day in Reykjavík.

Off I went down the street along the tire tracks of the cars lucky enough to escape the snowfall towards what I thought would be an excellent way to enjoy this sunny day in Reykjavík: soaking in an outdoor hot pot. And boy, was it worth it! If you’re cooped up downtown on a snow day, I recommend catching some rays from the hot pots or jumping off the diving boards at Sundhöllin. The experience of the chilly air surrounding your head while your body is submerged in 40 degree celsius water and more is a little like paradise. Otherwise Laugardalslaug and Vesturbæjar are the two other great options located just outside downtown.

If you’re not much of a pool person, another entertaining activity is to play old school arcade games like Pinball and Pacman at Freddi, people watch along Laugarvegur, or even participate in the many Happy Hours around the city.

After enjoying a spa-like afternoon and digging out the family car, my boyfriend and I decided to hop on the snow house bandwagon! It took a lot of work and material- there was plenty!- but turned out strong and sturdy (just like the Viking men here on the island). We joked with passerby-ers the house would be up on accommodation sites for a one-night exclusive.

If you have the urge to frolic in the white, fluffy snow, bundle up with waterproof gear and get right in there to make snowmen, snow angels, or simply draw a picture or text like these clever folks did. And if you’re lucky enough to get hold of one, traveling the city by sled is sure to turn heads.

It’s already been a few days since that magical day, but it seems as though the hype from Sunday hasn’t faded just yet. That’s why I walked around downtown and Laugardal Park to snap a few more photos depicting how even more beautiful Iceland is when covered in snow!

Did you make the most of your snow day in Iceland like I did? If you have stories or a picture of your snowy day, share with us in the comments.

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