The Most Famous Hot Dog Stand in Iceland

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur directly translates to “The best hot dogs in town” and is a popular hot dog stand in central Reykjavík. This is the place people are talking about when they ask you if you’ve “been to that hot dog stand”. Sure, it’s just a hot dog stand, but its legendary status combined with their delicious hot dogs make it one of our top 20 places to see in Iceland.

What’s the secret behind the delicious Icelandic hot dog? Maybe it’s the fact that they have some lamb meat in the hot dog, maybe it’s the fact that they are boiled, or maybe it’s the delicious brown mustard or the Icelandic remoulade condiments. Either way, they are delicious and I’ve never been there without getting 2 hot dogs…or 3.

In 2006, a British newspaper selected Bæjarins Beztu as the best hot dog stand in Europe. Since its opening in 1939, the majority of Icelanders have eaten at this hot dog stand. In fact, I dare you to find an Icelander over the age of 18 who has not eaten there. Even some celebrities such as Bill Clinton, James Hetfield, Charlie Sheen and the Kardashians have eaten there.

The Location:

Hot to get there:

The hot dog stand is right at the heart of downtown Reykjavik. I usually find a parking spot right next to the harbor, right across from Kolaportid, the Icelandic Flea Market.

Things to do:

Well, after you eat your delicious hot dog, you will find yourself in downtown Reykjavik. So the possibilities are endless. Check out some of the local bars in the area, tour the Harpa Music Hall, or walk the Laugarvegur shopping street. The options are endless.

Best Place for your Photo:

Take a selfie by the hot dog stand itself or pose in front of your camper with your hot dogs.