Hofsos Pool

The swimming pool at Hofsós offers some of the most amazing pool views in Iceland. The pool has been built into the hillside above the sea, so the view over to Drangey and Skagafjörður is breathtaking. The pool is a favorite of the locals and travelers alike. The facilities are top notch and this is a must-stop whenever I am in the north. It’s the perfect way to end a long day of travel.

The pool was constructed in 2009 and is filled with natural hot water. During the high-season, it’s open from 7-21 and in the winter it’s open from 7-13, and 17-20 on weekdays. On weekends it’s open from 11-15.

The Location:

How to get there:

Follow the road 1 up north until you hit Varmahlíð. From Varmahlíð you can take a turn left to road 76 and that road leads you straight to the small town Hofsós.

Things to do:

Swimming is highly encouraged. Beyond the pool, check out the Icelandic Emigration Centre, take a boat cruise, or explore the harbor.

Best place for your photo:

In the pool with an amazing view. If you want to snap one with your van, park it by the harbor with the fjord in the background.