Hauganes Hot Pots

A perfect spot to relax and camp overnight is the little community of Hauganes in North Iceland. It also happens to have a sandy beach with hot pots on the shore. The hot tubs on the beach use the village’s geothermal water, and in summer the black sand on the beach warms up the ocean water. Located next to the campsite, it is a great way to relax and listen to the sounds of the ocean and mountain views.

The Location

How to get there:

When driving from Akureyri, turn and follow road 82, and turn right at road 809 until you reach the village.

Things to do:

Here you will find everything you need for a great night, next to hot tubs there is a campsite, a bar, a restaurant. You can also go whale watching, fishing, and sea angling.

Best place for your photo:

The boat-shaped hot tub overlooking the Atlantic ocean.