Happy Quarantine

I’m sure you’ve heard about the most recent travel restrictions here in Iceland, requiring all travelers to quarantine for 5 days before exploring the country. Even though it was quite disappointing for the travel industry, we’re all about staying Happy and making the best of every situation. That’s why I’m going to tell you exactly how to enjoy your trip in Iceland despite these new rules. You might even realize that this could be a blessing in disguise.

Iceland All to Yourself

You might have had plans to come to Iceland or even already had booked a camper, hotel, or flights. After reading the news, your initial reaction might be disappointment and wanting to cancel the trip. But hold on. If your holiday is 8 days or longer, I believe you could still have an unforgettable experience in Iceland despite the new rules.

Sure, you will need to follow the rules and guidelines for testing and quarantining, listed in more detail in our last blog post. But if you do that, after those 5 days you will have the opportunity to explore Iceland as you wish. Not only that, but you would be traveling around Iceland with hardly any other tourists. This could be an extremely unique opportunity and not something that will likely happen in your lifetime.

Iceland all to yourself

Quarantine Can be Fun

It might not sound like it, but you could actually make the best of your quarantine. You can find a current list of all the accommodations that welcome guests in quarantine here. Book a cozy cottage in the countryside, enjoy Icelandic nature, relax in a hot tub, take day-trips in a campervan, and enjoy Iceland in many different ways in quarantine. You don’t need to quarantine at a hospital or at some medical hotel in Reykjavik. Check out all of your options and book a hotel where you can enjoy Iceland in quarantine and use it as a base for your day-trips.

Bjork Cottage – One of many quarantine options in Iceland

Quarantine Special

If you book with Happy Campers, you can get your campervan for FREE during your entire quarantine. For shorter rentals, it could still be 70-90% off during your quarantine period. We want to make this uncertain period as painless as possible for our travelers, so we’re offering our vans at these prices during the quarantine period so you don’t have to worry about the cost of a hotel/cottage and a campervan. We will even include a simple meal for everybody coming straight from the airport and going straight to their quarantine, so no grocery stops are necessary. As our vans are very fuel efficient, you’ll be able to drive 6-700 km in quarantine on a full tank without visiting the gas station. So this is what your trip can look like:

  1. Arrive in Iceland and take your first COVID-19 test
  2. We pick you up from the airport
  3. We give you your van + free meal at our office
  4. You drive to your quarantine accommodation and start your quarantine
  5. Take day trips in your van for FREE, on us*
  6. On day 5, take your second COVID-19 test
  7. Explore Iceland without tourists for as long as you like in your camper
  8. Return the camper and we’ll drive you to the airport

Sounds doable, right? We think so. Check out the details of the quarantine offer here.

Happy travelers on the way to quarantine exploration

Other Happy Benefits

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, there are several other benefits to traveling to Iceland in the current situation.

  • Iceland is relatively safe compared to other countries
  • Traveling via campervan is great for social distancing
  • Currency exchange rates are in your favor
  • #Vanlife is cheap and costs are generally low in Iceland
  • Exploring Iceland can be the mental break you need from this stressful reality
  • Staying active by exploring Iceland is healthier than staying at home in quarantine

So after your initial disappointment, I hope I’ve convinced you that traveling to Iceland is not only doable, but could actually be an amazing experience despite the quarantine rules. If your country’s laws permit, maybe this is something you should consider before you cancel your trip entirely. Life is short, let’s be happy.