Happy Campers Opens in Cape Town, South Africa

Our little Happy family is growing and has found a new home in Cape Town, South Africa. After 2 years of preparation and many trips to and from South Africa, we officially opened our doors November 1st. We popped the champagne, took some solid selfies, and sent our first Happy travelers on the road. Check out our South Africa location at happycampers.co.za.

Here are a couple of photos from our office opening party earlier this month. We’re more handsome in person – promise.

5 guys standing outside Happy Campers office
Team photo inside SA Office
A group standing outside with champagne

And then a few of our much more photogenic customers around South Africa:

Woman enjoying the view outside campervan
2 ladies enjoying drinks outside campervan
2 people having a picnic in south africa

On why we chose South Africa as our next home:

Why go from Iceland all the way to South Africa? It might seem a bit strange, but the more we thought about it, the more it made sense.

1. Even though Iceland and South Africa are at the opposite ends of the world, they have surprisingly much in common. Incredible landscapes, diversity of nature, majestic animals (both countries are heavens for whale watching, for example), proximity to jaw dropping nature as soon as you step out of the airport, etc.

2. Tourism is on the rise in both countries and for a very good reason.

3. Both countries are rich in culture and history. Whether you’re looking for museums, shopping, dining, or music, Reykjavik and Cape Town have plenty to offer.

4. Our newest Happy team members, Eric and Stephan, are both amazing guys and happen to be from South Africa. They’ll be using their local knowledge and travel/adventure experience to make sure all of our travelers get the most out of their trip.

5. Nature, nature, and nature again. It’s just incredible.

Hope to see you soon in South Africa. Let the adventure begin.