Game of Thrones: Journey Around the Ring Road

Ever wondered what it would be like to visit the fantasy world of Game of Thrones? No way, me too! To celebrate the premiere of the final season- sad face!- I’ve compiled a list of the most popular location sets highlighted in Game of Thrones over the series. As a GOT fan, I was thrilled to hear several scenes from the hit HBO show were filmed right here in Iceland, including many in the much anticipated final episodes. “Winter is coming”, after all and what better destination to film than somewhere with gorgeous landscapes and scenery.

If you’re a huge fan like myself and planning your trip around Iceland in a Happy Camper, why not base it on a Game of Thrones theme? Journey around the Ring Road counter-clockwise and discover the north of Westeros, hike along Frostfangs Mountain, and even camp out beyond the wall. And who knows, maybe you’ll even stop by a significant cave.

Þingvellir National Park – North of Westeros

Do you remember the epic battle between Brienne of Tarth and the Hound north of Westeros season 4? That rocky backdrop happens to be Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO Heritage Site just a quick drive east from Reykjavík. This historic site is known for Alþing, the oldest parliament, and is home to the divide of the European and North American tectonic plates. Although we can’t pinpoint exactly where the fight took place, it’s worth walking around the park to explore the natural beauty.

Höfðabrekka – Frostfangs Mountains

Höfðabrekka is near the foot of Katla volcano and Vík, one of the most popular destinations of travelers and the southernmost point of Iceland. The producers needed a backdrop worthy of amazing panoramas for Frostfangs Mountains and they found it right here to accompany Jon Snow´s trek beyond the Wall. Besides the black sand beach, I also recommend visiting the cliffs of Dyrhólaey for a stunning bird’s eye view of the area.

Svínafellsjökull – North of the Wall

In Skaftafell National Park, Svínafellsjökull was predominantly showcased for winter scenes and the Night’s Watch in seasons 2 and 3. Rather than referring to the GOT episodes featuring this cool glacier, why not take a hiking tour and experience it for yourself?

Vatnajökull – North of the Wall

The largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull, makes its own appearance in season 2 and it’s certainly a sight to see in real life! The vast landscape covers 8,100 square kilometers- a large space for nature lovers to discover- and is in the south east of Iceland.

Grjótagjá – Jon & Ygritte’s “Love Nest”

You may recognize this cosy cave as Jon Snow and Wildling, Ygrittes’s, “love nest” from back in season 3. “You know nothing, Jon Snow” is one of the most popular catchphrases picked up by GOT fans. Well, you know nothing, Happy Campers, if you don’t bother visiting this beautiful hot spring. Yes, I did say hot spring! But it’s unwise to take a dip in it these days as the water has become to hot to bathe in unfortunately.

Dimmuborgir – Wildling Camp

Turns out Dimmuborgir, a huge lava field by Lake Mývatn was the perfect base camp for Mance Rayder and his Wildlings. This destination inspired the location of the army camp beyond the wall with its uniquely shaped, cooled lava formations and caves in season 3. If you want to make this your final stop for the evening, consider camping out at one of the three campsites by Lake Mývatn.

Lake Mývatn – North of the Wall

On your last stop of the GOT tour, wander around the surroundings of Lake Mývatn, the impressive landscapes for several scenes including ones with White Walkers and Night’s Watch as well as the land of the Wildlings.

Have I tempted you with a fun adventure finding GOT destinations around Iceland? Let me know which of these beautiful locations you’re excited to see the most. As I said before, “Winter is here”, so stay warm and enjoy the final moments with your favourite characters this season!

Until next time, happy travels!

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