How do I get to your office from Reykjavik?

If you are staying in Reykjavik you need to make your own way to our office, or the airport, and you have some options:

The way most of our customers do it is that they take one of the Airport buses from Reykjavik to Keflavik airport. Once you reach the airport we could then simply come and pick you up and take you to our office which is pretty close. This is a pretty simple and economic option but you would need to let us know when to pick you up from the airport.

Another way would be taking the public bus number 55 which stops very close to our office at the bus stop “Tjarnarhverfi”. It’s a lower price than the airport bus but a little bit more complicated in my experience. You can see the bus schedules on their website www.bus.is.

The final and most convenient way is a taxi of course, but unfortunately, taxis are a bit expensive in Iceland and the ride would probably cost around 13,000-15,000 ISK (110-130 USD).