Category: Experienced Campers

January 29, 2021 Happy 3 EX

Happy 3 Ex is our more "EXperienced" Happy 3 camper and has some wear and tear. It is a 5 person camper van that has everything you need to eat and sleep while traveling around Iceland.

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January 29, 2021 Happy 2 EX

The Happy 2 EX camper vans are wise and "EXperienced". They are older models that show some wear and tear but have all the essentials for cooking and sleeping.

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January 29, 2021 Happy 1 EX

Happy 1 Ex is our most "EXperienced" 2 person camper van. It has everything you need for cooking and sleeping and is perfect for those who want the quality, service, and reliability of a Happy van but don't mind an older van at a lower price. But just because it's experienced doesn't mean it's not Happy. Our Happy 1 EX category includes 2017 models that are all in tip top shape and ready for adventure. Experience Iceland the Happy way without breaking the bank.

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