Arctic Henge

Arctic Henge

Published: 20. June 2019
By: Þorsteinn (Thor)

Heimskautsgerðið, or the Arctic Henge, lies in the northernmost town on the main Island, Raufarhöfn. Intrestinly, the Arctic Henge is not in the arctic circle but is only a few degrees south of the arctic cirle. The Arctic Henge has some similarities to the Stone Henge in England in the sense that they are both a huge sundial. Artist Haukur Halldórsson designed the arctic circle with series of circles and Basalt columns according to a coplex system, which is based on Norse mythology.

The Arctic Henge is very unique but let's be honest. Not all of us are going to be blown away by these rock structures. The reason why it made our Happy Challenge list is because it's located in the town of Raufarhöfn, the home of 250 people. This is one of the most remote and northernmost villages in Iceland, offering more of an authentic Icelandic experience. Experience the solitude and desolate landscapes, which is one of Iceland's most underappreciated gems. If you're there in the summer, enjoy the longest day Iceland has to offer.

The Location:

How to get there:

When driving towards north through Raufarhöfn on road 870, turn onto Arctic Henge Road on your left. It is an unmarked road but you will see it on your left as soon as you pass through the small village.

Things to do:

Enjoy one of the greatest man-made structures in Iceland. Other than the Arctic Henge, you can enjoy their excellent campsite, go fishing, bird watching, explore the harbor, or go hiking.

Best place for your photo:

Stand to the east of the Arctic Henge and look over the town of Raufarhöfn and the ocean in the backround

Þorsteinn (Thor)
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