An Adventure in South Iceland Any Time of the Year

It’s common to receive a lot of questions from customers asking if it’s possible to see this attraction or that attraction depending on the time of year. And yes, there are plenty of destinations around Iceland Happy Campers doesn’t recommend visiting nor are they open over the winter- and sometimes summer. But there are also more than enough options that are reachable, considering the weather conditions are driver friendly. It’s important to keep up to date with the weather and road conditions, so make weather.is and road.is your buddies during your adventure of a lifetime.

If you need ideas on what you can see and do any time of the year, you’re in luck! Now that I’ve gained experience camping and travelling through the South of Iceland during all seasons, I’ve compiled a thorough list of sights, hikes, and dips that you can participate on your Happy Camper Adventure in the southern region.


4 people enjoying Reykjadalur hot river

Taking a dip in this hot river means a 3km hike and if we can do it on a cold winter’s day, you can do it any time of the year! It was seriously cold, but worth it once we slipped into the toasty water. It was when we had to leave that we groaned and froze our toes off while changing for our long hike back. I recommend wearing your swimsuit under your jacket on the way for instant satisfaction.


Woman watching geysir erupt

A great summer day is driving along the Golden Circle to see the main sights. First stop: Geysir! On a warm, Spring day, it’s easy to wait around and watch Mother Nature take action every 5 minutes or so. It’s also wonderful to visit this attraction late in the evening when you can have Geysir all to yourself.


An overview of Gullfoss waterfall during summer

I’ve seen this beast of a waterfall many times and in various seasons. I’m still not sure if I prefer it in the summer or winter, yet there’s something about catching a rainbow that makes this particular moment so special.

Icelandic Horse

A group of horses eating straw

One thing you’ll notice year round are the adorable Icelandic horse grazing the grass or standing in groups to avoid the winter winds. It’s best to drive by, but if you have to stop and say hi, please remember to park your Happy Camper off the main roads!


A couple poses in front of Seljalandsfoss

Seljalandsfoss is another waterfall seen along the Golden Circle. In the winter it’s best to keep your distance for pictures, but during the summertime, feel free to hike behind for an ultimate waterfall rush. Just be sure to wear some waterproof clothing.


4 people jumping in front of Skogafoss waterfall

There’s nothing like a jumping photo in front of a magnificent waterfall. It was March when we visited Skogafoss, however, the snow and ice had melted by the time we arrived. Otherwise, it’s possible to get even closer to the falls, believe it or not.


Well worth the hike behind the falls. My sister and I were able to keep these surroundings to ourselves as it’s not a well known location. It takes some more effort to visit (compared to other falls) as you wind along the water’s edge on a narrow path, so I would admire it from a distance if it’s winter time.

Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck

Another day, another hike (or in this case, right after hiking Kvernufoss). We made the mistake of beginning our 4km hike to the beach as the sun began to set. It was on this October evening that I remembered how quickly the light disappears. So I can highly suggest visiting the plane in the summer when there is no darkness, or early in the day any other season. This way, you’ll avoid a pitch black walk back to the parking lot!


I ventured as far east as I have ever done in Iceland and arrived at the glacier lagoon just as the sun began to set at around 6pm (again!). The sun began to dip beyond the horizon and gave a glow to the lagoon. It really was a sight to see and worth my long drive back to the campsite in the dark (and wet).

Sheep Roundup

Sheep on the road in Iceland

Don’t be surprised to see sheep crossings over the course of the summer since they’re set free to roam through the warmer months. Also beware of sheep roundups during September as this is the beginning of the colder months and the sheep are collected back to their farms!


Keldur is a bit off the beaten path and my crew got there just before the sun set back in March. Although it was empty and not a soul in sight, the atmosphere was unique and the tiny village was charming, lined with turf houses and tiny church off to the side.

Secret Lagoon

People swimming in Secret Lagoon in summer

The Secret Lagoon in Flúðir has been mentioned in many of our articles for the reason that it’s an excellent experience a quick drive away from Reykjavík and an alternative to the Blue Lagoon, minus the crowd. I went in September on a clear day and it was perfect. Even if there was a rain shower or a bit of snow, I would still find it cozy!

On the Road

Woman standing in front of Happy Campers van

As you can see, there is a lot to experience in South Iceland during all seasons, so get out there and get camping with Happy Campers! Do you have a favourite sight I didn’t mention in this article? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, safe and happy travels!

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