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Low-season rentals only


0 Self-risk / deductible on all of our insurances for maximum protection and peace-of-mind. Also includes free services such as vehicle lockout, incorrect fueling, and dead battery assistance.

Take all available insurance in one package and get a better price.

Lowers the self-risk ( deductible ) of the CDW to Euro 600,-

If you damage a tire so that it needs to be replaced, you are not responsible for the cost. Just change to the spare tire, call our service phone, and we will guide you through the process of getting a new tire and you won’t pay anything.

Gravel Protection covers damages to the entire front of the vehicle (including the windshield, headlights, and hood) caused by gravel hitting the car. This type of damage can occur when gravel is thrown into the air by the tires of another vehicle.

In case of the camper van is stolen, you will not pay any self-risk, ( deductible ). If you do not have this insurance, you will have to pay Euro 2.000,-

Cover the camper van for damages caused by sandstorm / ash. Self-risk ( deductible ) is Euro. 1.000,-


Can we offer you pickup?

Check out this video or FAQs, and our shuttle schedule for more info on our pickup service

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