5 reasons why you should visit Iceland with a 4X4 campervan this winter

1. The freedom of having a flexible itinerary

If you are a photographer like me and chase the light constantly, you know the importance of keeping your itinerary flexible and adjust it depending on the weather. Most of the campgrounds are first-come first-served with full amenities. So, you can roam Iceland with the wind, plan your nights as-you-go and even same some gaz money with less driving.

2. Watch the northern lights from your window

Even with the long nights of winter, the Northern lights can be shy. This is where staying in a camper comes handy to be sure not to miss them. You have a constant view of the sky and can keep on the lookout for any Aurora activity! If you choose to stay up all night chase them, you can come back to your cozy and warm van at any time, and wait for them to show up again!

3. Drive with a peace of mind

Driving in Iceland during winter time can be quite a challenge, especially if you are not used to drive in harsh and slippery conditions. Getting a 4X4 will definitely help you not get stuck and will hold better while driving on snow and ice.

4. Hangs out with a view

Feel like cooking yourself dinner while watching the sunset? Possible. Or having breakfast watching the sunrise from the comfort on your van? Absolutely possible. Travelling in a van will allow you to make sure that you don’t miss a single opportunity to see Iceland’s beauty.

5. Explore lesser-known locations

There’s nothing better than going on an adventure and taking the roads less travelled to experience the true, raw and untouched Iceland. Travelling in a 4X4 campervan will give you the opportunity do that safely.