5 Reasons to Visit Iceland In the Fall

Don’t be sad that the summer is almost over and you didn’t get a chance to take a selfie in the sea of purple lupines. Yes, Iceland in the summer is beautiful – lush green valleys, purple lupines, clear waters, and never-ending days. In fact, the best season to visit Iceland might be ahead of us. Yes, you heard me right – booking tickets to Iceland this fall might be the best decision you’ve ever made. Ok ok, the truth is there is no wrong time to visit Iceland (just bad clothing choices). Every season has its unique characteristics. I guess why so many people keep coming back in different months year after year.

Here are 5 reasons why you should plan a vacation to Iceland in the fall:

1. Explore the Northern Lights

Green Happy 2 campervan with northern lights in the background
Dancing Aurora in October sky

I do not know which activity is more popular in Iceland – chasing waterfalls or chasing Northern Lights. But only one can be done in summer. Meanwhile, if you visit Iceland in the fall – you will be able to do both. Northern Lights cannot be seen in summer. Not because they are not there but because it never gets dark enough to see them. Fall is the perfect time when you still have plenty of daylight to travel around during the day, but it also gets dark enough to see the northern lights dancing in the night sky.

2. Enjoy Mild Weather

panoramic view of a lake in Iceland in the fall
Autumn in Myvatn. Beautiful landscape and no midges.

Yes, summers in Iceland are short. However, contrary to popular belief – we don’t get buried in snow at the of August, waiting for the next spring (usually). In fact, the weather stays pretty mild all throughout September and October. Of course, we are talking about Icelandic weather here – the unpredictable Icelandic weather. It is possible there will be snow early in the fall (we’ve had snow in July, so anything is possible). But, generally, it is nice, crisp fall weather. So, leave shorts at home, and bring extra layers of warm clothes (and some waterproof outerwear as well).

Considering the fact you are reading this blog post on the Happy Campers website, you are probably considering camping in the fall. I could hear you gasping when I said it might snow. However, no matter the weather – sun, rain, or snow – the heaters in our campervans will keep you nice and toasty throughout the night all year round.

3. Save Money by Traveling During the Low Season

Yellow campervan on a gravel road in Iceland in the fall
Camping season never ends when you have a well-equipped campervan.

Iceland is expensive, especially in summer. Last summer, car rentals alone reached a new record. I think traveling outside the summer season, especially from mid-September onwards, is the best secret to save some money. From transport to accommodation to restaurants – many places offer seasonal discounts. Additionally, if you rent Happy Camper, make sure to maximize your savings with Happy Discount.

4. Avoid Crowds of Tourists

three sheep in golden brown field

If you are not a big fan of tourist crowds (and who is, honestly), traveling to Iceland off-season might be the best decision for you. We always emphasize how campervans give you freedom and flexibility to travel wherever and whenever. Do you know what curbs that freedom in the summertime? Activities and tours that you have to pre-book well in advance; otherwise, they will all be sold out. This leads to limited time slots available and ruins the whole holiday vibe. However, queues are way shorter during low season, and some places you might have all to yourself (if you time your trip right).

5. Gaze Iceland’s Golden Autumn Colors

Thingvellir national park in Iceland in the fall. The oldest parlament building in the valley  next to a river
Thingvellir Nation Park in the fall

The first time I came to Iceland was at the end of September, and it was so beautiful – I fell in love with its nature and never left. As I mentioned before, every season is very different in Iceland. Winter landscapes are very dramatic; in summer, everything turns green, but fall probably has the most colors. Look, Iceland doesn’t have the richest flora or fauna. However, in September and October, all of the nature turns to beautiful golden brown shades and looks amazing. My favorite place? Visit Thingvellir in the fall – you are not going to regret it.

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Visit Iceland in the Fall and Camp Under the Stars

Iceland’s fall season offers amazing experiences that should not be missed. Witnessing the Northern Lights, experiencing the mild fall climate, saving money traveling during the low season, and avoiding crowds enhance the trip’s pleasure. Autumn is also when the fall colors emerge, making Iceland breathtaking. Don’t let the opportunity slip away – book your campervan adventure in Iceland now for a fulfilling and memorable vacation.