Don't Worry, Be Happy

For a limited time, we're offering people affected by the COVID-19 outbreak a worry-free deal. Whether you are looking to travel in the next few weeks with the current quarantine laws or later this year or even in 2021, we have a great deal for you.

Future rentals

Promo code deal

Booking a campervan for October 15th, 2020 or later? Book any campervan now and get and get up to 40% off + free gravel insurance with a promo code. This goes on top of our generous free 24-hour cancellation policy and unlimited free rescheduling. So despite the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, there is absolutely no risk for you. Here is the fine print:

  • If you pay a 30% deposit, use promo code "BEHAPPY30"
  • If you pay a 100% deposit, use promo code "BEHAPPY100"
  • 30% discount + FREE gravel insurance applies to all bookings with a 30% deposit paid.
  • 40% discount + FREE gravel insurance applies to all bookings with a 100% deposit paid.
  • Promo Code Deal applies to bookings that have travel dates after October 15th, when the quarantine rules will most likely not be active anymore.
  • If quarantine rules are still in effect for your trip, the promo will be changed to the quarantine deal below, but only if it saves you money.
  • Discounts apply to all van categories and seasons
  • Gravel insurance (GI) is FREE with all bookings
  • You can upgrade your insurance to Premium Package or Premium Plus, which includes gravel insurance, at a €10/day discount at checkout.
  • All bookings enjoy our FREE 24-hour cancellation policy and unlimited rescheduling for 2 years
  • 30% and 40% discounts apply to van rentals only, not extras or insurance.
  • Offer cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • Offer is valid for all travelers that need to reschedule their trips due to Coronavirus.
  • All booking refunds will be performed at check-in (rental start date).

Upcoming rentals

quarantine deal

Get up to 6 days FREE when you travel during the current travel restriction period, currently estimated to be October 15th or earlier. We will even include a quarantine meal for everybody traveling directly to their quarantine hotel. We want people to be able to quarantine safely without having to worry about paying for both a quarantine hotel and a campervan. Here's the small print:

  • Book a van for 8 days or more and get additional 6 days FREE (14 days total)
  • Book a van for 5 days and get 5 additional days FREE (10 days total)
  • Book a van for 3 days and get 5 additional days at 70% off (8 days total)
  • No coupon needed. Discount will be applied automatically after the booking is made and will be reflected in the remaining amount due at the office.
  • If you pay 100% deposit, you will receive a refund will be issued when you pick up the van.
  • Please read our latest blog post for more information about the current travel restrictions and what it means for you as a Happy Campers traveler.
  • See savings examples below:

Happy 1, Sept. 10 - Sept. 24: (mid-season)
First 6 days: €720 € 0 (FREE)
Next 8 days: € 960
Total: € 960
Savings: € 720

Happy 3, Oct. 10 - Oct. 20 (low-season)
First 5 days: 775 €0 (FREE)
Next 5 days: € 775
Total: € 775
Savings: € 775

Happy 2, Sept. 10 - Sept. 18 (mid-season)
First 5 days: €900 € 270 (70% off)
Next 3 days: € 540
Total: € 810
Savings: € 630


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Low-season rentals only


0 Self-risk / deductible on all of our insurances for maximum protection and peace-of-mind. Also includes free services such as vehicle lockout, incorrect fueling, and dead battery assistance.

Take all available insurance in one package and get a better price.

Lowers the self-risk ( deductible ) of the CDW to Euro 600,-

If you damage a tire so that it needs to be replaced, you are not responsible for the cost. Just change to the spare tire, call our service phone, and we will guide you through the process of getting a new tire and you won’t pay anything.

In case of the camper van is stolen, you will not pay any self-risk, ( deductible ). If you do not have this insurance, you will have to pay Euro 2.000,-

Cover the camper van for damages caused by sandstorm / ash. Self-risk ( deductible ) is Euro. 1.000,-


Can we offer you pickup?

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