Don't Worry, Be Happy

For a limited time, we're offering people affected by the COVID-19 outbreak a worry-free deal. Book any campervan now and get and extra 30%-50% off + free gravel insurance. This goes on top of our generous free 24-hour cancellation policy and unlimited free rescheduling. So despite the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, there is absolutely no risk for you. Here is the fine print:

  • If booking in 2020, use promo code at checkout: "BEHAPPY20"
  • If booking in 2021, us promo code at checkout: "BEHAPPY21"
  • 30% discount + FREE insurance applies to all new bookings in 2020 AND all bookings that need to be rescheduled due to COVID-19. Booking can be rescheduled up to 2 years into the future.
  • 30%+10% early bird discount (40% total) + FREE insurance applies to all new bookings in 2021.
  • 30% + 10% early bird + 10% full payment (50%) + FREE insurance applies to all new bookings in 2021 that pay for 100% of the rental during checkout.
  • 50% discount is applied to all 2021 bookings. However, if you only pay the 30% deposit, the 10% full payment discount will be removed from the booking (for a total of 40% discount) and the remaining amount adjusted accordingly during check-in.
  • Discounts apply to all van categories and seasons
  • Gravel insurance (GI) is FREE with all bookings
  • You can upgrade your insurance at a discounted price by subtracting the value of GI from your upgraded insurance
  • All bookings enjoy our FREE 24-hour cancellation policy and unlimited rescheduling
  • Discounts apply to van rentals only,, not extras or insurance.
  • Offer can be combined with other offers, but only up to 50% total.
  • Offer is valid for all travelers that need to reschedule their trips due to Coronavirus.

*50% discount only applies to new bookings that are made for 2021 that are paid for in full during checkout.

Have you already booked and looking to cancel or reschedule? Check out our latest blog post for more information.


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