Website Relaunch Deal: 15% Off

We’re excited to launch our new website and several new initiatives such as the Happy Forest project and Happy App. To celebrate, we’re offering an additional 15% off and free WiFi for a limited time. Use coupon code: “WEB15“. This is on top of the various incentive discounts that you can get by playing your cards right:

  • 10% discount: full payment (non-refundable)
  • 5% discount: full payment (refundable)
  • 13% discount: 14+ day long rental
  • 5% discount: 7-13 day long rental
  • 5% discount: Book 3+ months in advance

Each category of discount can be combined with each other. For example, if you book a 7-day rental, 3 months in advance, and pay everything now (non-refundable), you will get a 5+5+10= 20% discount. For a limited time, you’ll get an additional 15% discount for a total of 35% off in this example.

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