Are your campervans 4x4 vehicles?

Yes the Happy 4x4 is 4WD and is suitable for driving in the highlands. The Happy 4x4 is our only 4x4 campervan and is equipped for the harshest Icelandic conditions and F-roads. It is equipped with a raised air intake (snorkel) so it can even handle river crossings, for example. See full list of all features on the Happy 4x4 campervan landing page.

Even though we highly advise against river crossings and suggest avoiding it if you can, river crossings are allowed in the Happy 4x4. Read more about the reasons we advice against it in our 4x4 Campervans in Iceland post. Also, keep in mind that the following roads are off-limits, even in 4x4 cars: 337, 622, F26, F210, F578, F910, F980, F249. These roads can barely be considered roads and banning these roads is industry standard in Iceland. We will cover this in more detail during your check-in orientation.